To be alive is to change, to adapt.

THE UNIVERSE IS VAST, and we, like children, are drawn to its mysteries. Evolution and Us explores its power and relevance to our humanity, and the ever-changing nature of human civilizations. This book stems from the author’s desire to widen the horizons of our communal thinking to encompass our human past and future through the lens of evolution.

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A thoughtful, well-organized collection of poems that speak to the concepts and questions around global warming and change in both human and environmental conditions on Planet Earth—and our place in the larger universe. It’s at once provocative and inspiring.

—Genie Dailey, Editorial Consultant, Maine Authors Publishing & Cooperative

Richard E. Brown is a retired music teacher, having spent thirty-nine years in the public schools of Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. He holds a

Bachelor of Music Education from Boston University and a Master of Arts in music history and theory from the University of Connecticut. He has also taught at American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts, the University of Maine, and Senior College in Belfast, Maine. Besides composing music in his retirement, he has also turned to writing poetry and prose. He and his wife, Diana, also a retired music teacher and professional flutist, moved to Stockton Springs, Maine, in July of 1998.